Get Guidance, Information, Partnership

You can expect the normal consultant stuff, like receiving guidance and information, to embolden and elevate your leadership and organization. But you can also see us as an ally and a partner, a friend that has your back, someone you can have a heart to heart with and expect to be there for you. We don’t get excited about billable hours and collecting large fees off clients. We get excited by success and winning and in consulting that only happens when our clients succeed and when our clients win. Therefore we approach our relationship as if we are a shareholder in you.

Operate Profitably, Find Synergies, Save Money

Sales, Revenues, New Customers, Conversions, Profit and simply what is the best thing to do are all problems entrepreneurs and business owners face. But the answers aren’t always easy to find or clear to understand. You can expect us to help you achieve profitability, get your operation running smoothly and more efficiently and to cut the bloat and find unneeded expenses.

Imagine, Deliver, Run Your Future

It’s great to dream but the hard part is always making them become reality. You can expect us to help you manifest your future.

Whether your big vision lacks detail or you need to brainstorm creative and outside the box ideas and solutions, we can help.

Latest Technology, Strategy Development, Implementation

In this new world, technology has become King and many business got left behind with the constant newer and better tech. Whether you are tech saavy or not, you can expect us to help you go digital and become comfortable with this new future.

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Marketing Consulting

The World's First & Only Organizational Marketing Health Index

Discover The Health Of Your Company With The World’s First And Only Organizational Marketing Health Index.


With the OMHI (Organizational Marketing Health Index), a business scoring and ranking system, and the OMHR (Organizational Marketing Health Report) a 142+ Page in-depth analysis report, you will arm yourself with the information and plan needed to transform your company and gain market share.


What we bring to you

Marketing Consulting

Up your marketing game. Find out how to increase your conversions, organic traffic, customer satisfaction, and more. We can show you ways to maximize your budgets and create a hierarchy of where your money is best spent for results. Learn how, where, and when to communicate with prospects and optimize and hone your value proposition and marketing message.

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Creative Consulting

Get the unbiased truth regarding design and how best to implement creativity, color, pictures and images into your marketing and company. The way you communicate with prospects is more important than pretty design, even if the design is pretty.

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Business Consulting

Improve your systems and processes, get an unbiased macro look at your company.

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Organizational Marketing Health Index

The Organizational Marketing Health Index (OMHI) and the Health Report (OMHR) are the Worlds First and Only Marketing Health Index. This flagship consulting product is aimed to remove the clutter and chaos from the fast paced world of business and help business owners and managers understand the macro view of their marketing efforts. Focused directly on helping businesses understand their overall macro marketing results, this index and report help to organize the analysis and make improving your company and gaining market share easy.

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Reports & Research

Research and Reports are at the heart of consulting. In the fast paced world of business it can be difficult to not only find the time but also the unbiased expert to help you make sense of your business. Not everyone has the time or experience to put into in-dept hard-core research and reporting. Consulting Buddy can help you gain the insight you need.

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Going Digital

Get your business online. The internet changed business long ago however it wasn’t until the COVID Pandemic that things hyper accelerated. Forced to stay home with businesses unable to take foot traffic, most business owners realized they had to improve their web game and go digital. Many were already online but in order to compete had to make improvements. Consulting Buddy can help you make sense of going online or improving your operations.

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Strategy Sessions

Hone your plan and organize your strategy.

Have Consulting Buddy lead a strategy session to learn new ways to organize, understand, collate, dissect, hone and improve. These strategy sessions will provide the focus you need to improve your business and ultimately gain market share and attack the most important to your bottom line and future.

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Methods & Processes

Improve your processes and learn new and improved methods for organizing and creating productive and efficient tendencies.

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Strategic Planning

Strategies are at the core of every business decision. With a busy and chaotic business world, have a well planned and laid out strategy helps to keep you on track and remove so much of the chaos. As you work your plan based on the right strategy, you will have the calmness, reassuredness and confidence to not only methodically attack but also to remove most of the stress involved.

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Organizational Marketing Health Report
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Organizational Marketing Health Report

The OMHR is a 142+ page marketing health report on a company, entrepreneur or brand/product. This report is based on the Organizational Marketing Health Index and focuses around 57 marketing strategies focused on revenues.

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The Quickening
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Overcome your weakness, banish your shortcomings and fly high and mighty when you find your true potential, unleashing you to achieve your dreams and realize your future.


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      testimonial & partner

      What our clients says?

      Barry Cassonfrom Victoria

      Justin's knowledge and consultations helped me elevate my book beyond what I could have imagined, all while saving me money and time. His insights are the best! I highly recommend him, he will treat you like a good friend...

      HHHW Coachingfrom Duncan

      Justin helped us with our new Website and some decisions on what to do. It saved us money and time and we finished with a beautiful website.

      Davefrom Victoria

      I am so happy, Justin helped with creative direction and helped us realize our goal. He also did some consulting on music which gave us a better understanding of what we are dealing with.

      Go Between Solutionsfrom Victoria

      Consulting Buddy did some great research and consulting for us regarding our startup in the tech sector. They were able to help us better understand various things such as patents, marketing and creative and were even able to share insights into technology and computer science based advice... *Go Between Solutions is a JMG startup. Consulting Buddy works with them internally but as seperate companies."

      Just Class Property Improvementsfrom Victoria

      Justin from Consulting Buddy really helped us brand and shape our early startup efforts. They were aslo able to complete certain research and due dilligence that helped give us an edge... *Just Class Properties is a JMG startup. Consulting Buddy works with them internally but as seperate companies."


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