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Unlimited Consultations

Unlimited Business and Marketing Consultations at Your Convenience

You ask a question when you want to, and we reply with our advice without you having to search the internet, book a time, wait for days or meet in person. Unlimited requests for:

• Advice & Guidance

• Research & Internet Searching

• Reports on Industry, Competitors, Trends

• Business Plans, Pitch Decks

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

✔ Less Than 1 Hour Reply Times*

✔ Easy & Streamlined

Are you tired of spending countless hours searching the internet, sifting through endless information, only to end up more confused than when you started? Do you find it frustrating to book consultation appointments, wait for days to receive a response, or struggle to coordinate schedules with busy consultants? The challenges of obtaining timely and reliable business guidance can be overwhelming, hindering your progress and leaving you in a state of uncertainty.

Moreover, the aggravation continues when you finally manage to secure a consultation, only to receive generic advice that fails to address your specific needs. Or perhaps you’re faced with exorbitant hourly rates or restricted access to limited consultations, making it difficult to seek continuous support and guidance. These roadblocks further impede your growth, leaving you without the dedicated expertise and tailored solutions necessary to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

But fear not! At, we have the solution you’ve been searching for. Our unlimited consulting service provides a seamless experience that puts experts at your fingertips. Say goodbye to endless searches and frustrating wait times. With us, you have unlimited access to a dedicated team of involved experts who are ready to provide timely and personalized consultations, answer all your questions, offer detailed reports, and even assist with critical business documents like business plans and pitch decks. With, you can finally experience the convenience, expertise, and support you need to propel your business forward.


You ask the question in the app & get back to what you were doing. We likely already have the answer, if not we do the searching & researching for you. You get a notification when we’ve replied.


By having access to dedicated consultants, you can make faster and more informed decisions. You can obtain expert insights, recommendations, and perspectives, enabling you to act promptly and seize opportunities without delays.


Instead of paying for expensive consultants & marketing agencies, you can use the savings to spend on other important business expesnes.






I met Justin after having a bad experience with another marketer.

I couldn’t believe what a difference it makes having someone like Justin handle my marketing needs.

He is personable, smart and really knows his business.

I rely on him totally for all my needs and he never lets me down.

I would highly recommend his company to anyone looking for honest, forward-thinking business marketing.

Barry Casson

Film Producer, Author, Public Speaker

Justin really knows his stuff. I was able to finally get the business plan I needed to source funding all while still having all my questions answered.

The way I can just pull my phone out during a busy day and quickly send off a knowing I’ll be notified fairly quick with an answer is so much better for my personal time management, leaving me countless extra hours to put into something else.

Sarah Feilen

Business Owner has saved me a ton of time and frustration, allowing me to get back to what really matters, my customers.

They’ve helped me save some money but more importantly streamline my business and increase my focus. 

Jonathan Thornton

Unlimited Consultations:

Provide users with unlimited access to consultations with dedicated experts who can offer guidance, advice, and solutions for their business needs.

Expertise in Multiple Areas:

Offer consultants with diverse skill sets and expertise across various business domains, such as strategy, marketing, finance, operations, and more.

Research and Reports:

Conduct in-depth research and analysis on specific topics or market trends, and deliver comprehensive reports to users to support their decision-making process.

Dedicated Consultant:

Assign dedicated consultants who take the time to understand users’ businesses, build relationships, and provide ongoing support and guidance.

Competitive Analysis:

Conduct thorough competitor analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, helping users develop strategies to stay ahead in the market.

Digital Transformation Support:

Offer guidance on digital transformation strategies, technologies, and tools to help businesses embrace digital solutions and enhance their operations.

Branding and Positioning:

Provide guidance on branding strategies, brand identity development, and market positioning to help businesses establish a strong and differentiated brand presence.

E-commerce and Online Retail:

Provide support for businesses looking to establish or improve their e-commerce presence, including platform selection, product catalog optimization, and conversion optimization.

Lead Generation:

Provide ideas and support for lead generation of highly qualified and interested prospects or brand awareness reach campaigns. Oversee and help create effective lead generation campaigns that use budgets wisely and lead to desired results and outcomes.

Quick Response Time:

Ensure prompt replies to user inquiries, allowing them to receive timely assistance and keep their projects moving forward.

Personalized Guidance:

Provide tailored advice and recommendations based on each user’s unique situation, business goals, and challenges.

Business Document Support:

Assist users with critical business documents such as business plans, pitch decks, financial projections, and marketing strategies.

Convenient Communication Channels:

Offer various communication channels such as messaging, email, or video calls to connect users with consultants, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

Marketing Campaign Evaluation:

Offer evaluation and optimization of marketing campaigns, including content analysis, ad performance assessment, and recommendations for improvement.

Customer Experience Enhancement:

Provide insights and strategies to improve customer experience, loyalty, and retention, helping businesses build strong relationships with their customer base.

Sales Funnel Optimization:

Assist businesses in optimizing their sales funnels, from lead generation to conversion, through strategic planning, customer journey mapping, and conversion rate optimization.

Advertising and Copywriting:

Assist in optimizing copywriting and advertisements. PPC ads, Google, Facebook and Print Ads. Helping to ensure incredible copy and creative designed to speak to the ideal customer and generate action and conversions. 




What Do You Mean By Unlimited?

You can ask an unlimited number of requests in the month. There is no limit. The only limit is in your queue. We can work on two requests at a time, so if you ask 100 questions all at once, we can only work on two at a time, so it will take a bit to get to the 100th question. If you’ve asked for a more detailed request like a report, that could take days to weeks before it leaves the queue, however does count as only one request so we will still answer questions at the same time unless another request is something that takes longer as well. If youve paid for the video add-on it is limited to one call per week.

What Can I Request

You can ask any question you have. These questions should be business or marketing focused. You can request for research where we spend the time to come up with the answers. We deliver this via the app in PDFs or other presentations. You can request a report. We do our due dilligence, research and prepare a report for you delviered via the app in PDF or other presentation. You can request a video call if youve paid for the video call addon, and we will set up a video meeting.

How do your experts know our company?

We go through an onboarding process after you’ve signed up for the first month. We get your details and ask some questions. We get to know you and we research more about your company. If instead you just want to use our service without us knowing you or reseraching you, that is okay too.

Do I Have To Tell You My Company?

No you don’t have to, if you just want to use our expert advice and guidance with a cloak of secrecy that is okay and up to you. Our experts provide their best guidance when they know more about you.

Report Add-on $599/Month

Add the ability to add report requests to your subscription. This can be anything on business or marketing. It counts as 1 queue item so you can still make other requests. We do research and put together a full PDF or Other Presentation for you.

Video Call Add-on $399/Month

Weekly video calls for in person like consultations. Talk to your dedicated consutlant to their face through the apps video conference.

Providing you with unlimited timely consutling advice for anything business, marketing and creative. 

Contact Info

Please email.

info AT

316 - 90 Regatta Landing, Victoria BC, V9A 7R2.