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Organizational Marketing Health Report (OMHI)

Worlds First Marketing Health Index and Report. Example of our OMDR, Organizational Marketing Depreciation Report

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Description of the project

The OMHR is a 142+ page marketing health report on a company, entrepreneur or brand/product. This report is based on the Organizational Marketing Health Index and focuses around 57 marketing strategies focused on revenues.

The Problem

The problem the OMHI solves is the obscurity in marketing, the difficulty using stats and analytics to get a solid macro view, and the inability most owners and business professionals have in 1. removing their bias 2. Understanding how effective their overall marketing is and 3. in removing themselves from the daily routine and micro-level view to see things from an overall perspective.

The Strategy

The idea is to break down all of marketing a company would use into understandable and organized strategies. This helps to apply an easier to focus scoring metric as it breaks everything into more singular marketing approaches. The benefit of this strategy is it helps remove the bias and the difficulty in seeing the macro view of your marketing while providing hard data on actual paper to read and digest.

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What our clients say?

The OMHR was mind blowing. It opened my eyes to marketing and my own company to things I had never seen or even considered. The direction and information the OMHI provided helped me improve my company and ultimately gain market share.

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